Collation shrink application


CO-EX LDPE + LLDPE (redefined blend)

Material Origin

South Africa


Specification Tolerance
Gauge 20 – 50 Micron  ± 10%
Width 75 mm – 2250 mm (plain)
75 mm – 1200 mm (printed)
± 5mm
COF (Coefficient Of Friction) 0,25 ± 0,05
Natural Colour Clear
Shrinkage: MD (Machine Direction) 67% – 73%
Shrinkage: TD (Transverse Direction) 15% – 25%
Appearance High gloss, good clarity, low haze
Static No cling or snapback
Core size 76mm
Core thickness 10mm ± 1mm
Core material Paper
Reference to traceability MCG Flexibles label used
Reference to packaging Specification labels on outside of roll and inside the core
Storage (up to 6 months) Storage temperatures recommended below 25°C in order to avoid deterioration of the film surface properties. Must be stored away from direct sunlight. Storage conditions must be clean, cool and dry.
Food packaging This material complies with FDA regulation 177.1520 and EC Directive 10/2011

Xtremethene Leaflet