MCG Light Weight Pallet

MCG Lightweight Pallet

Four way entry, non-rackable pallet.


  • Consistent: Every MCG plastic pallet has consistent 1200 mm x 1000 mm dimensions.

  • Light weight: Weighing 8 kg each, MCG pallets are signficantly lighter than equivalent wooden pallets and more importantly do NOT increase in weight when wet.

  • Durable & Strong: MCG plastic pallets are manufactured from polypropylene in virgin or recycled material ensuring long life.

  • Recyclable: Our plastic pallets are 100% recyclable.

  • Safe: No protruding nails or broken boards to injure employees or damage equipment or products.

  • Hygienic: MCG pallets do not absorb liquids and are impervious to infestation and contamination. Do not need to be heated or chemically treated.

  • Note: Ideally suited for export pallets.


Length 1200 mm
Width 1000 mm
Height 120 mm
Weight 8 kg
Static Load 2000 kg
Dynamic Load 1000 kg
Material Polyproylene
RFID Optional