Fruit Drying Tray

Fruit Drying TrayFeatures

  • Wood as a medium is highly frowned upon as it is highly conducive for the growth of fungus, which then in turn attacks the fruit.
  • Fruit drying customers that were using wooden trays did not last long, were heavy to carry and heavier when wet.
  • The biggest safety concern with the current wooden tray is that the steel nails start to rust, then break off and contaminate the fruit.
  • The exporting of contaminated dried fruit also posed a problem as it failed to meet with international food requirements.
  • MCG developed a plastic drying tray using food approved materials with chemical resistant additives, that protect the trays from degradation due to sulphur treatment during preservation.
  • The trays do not absorb liquids and are impervious to infestation, contamination and are protected against UV radiation.
  • Perforations along the entire base of the tray enhance increased air circulation.
  • There are also two supporting poles, which fit onto the sides giving the tray rigidity and allowing ease of handling.
  • This tray can also be used in drying tunnels, which would allow for drying fruit anytime during the year.


Length 905 mm
Width 900 mm
Height 78 mm
Weight 7 kg
Material Polypropylene – virgin food grade